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Weeks 3 & 4: I Hate Wool and All Wool Related Things

Yup… here I am, at the end of weeks 3 and 4 and completely off-schedule. The theme for the past two weeks has been “I hate wool and all wool related things and will find anything to distract myself from having to do any more of this!!!” Distractions of week 3 included early birthday celebrations for my boyfriend, since he was out of town for his birthday… as well as movies, facebook and Pocket Frogs – the most gloriously addictive game I have on my phone. It’s very clear that resistance has come to visit. By the end of week 3, I thought it might just move along and go bother someone else. Not so. Week 4 was more of the same. oof…

My goal for weeks 3 and 4 was to make five bodies each week, 10 total – including arms and legs and tails… yeah that may have been a bit too ambitious. I only got 6 torsos done, and a whale on accident. (I got a little carried away on a torso for a fox and decided I had to turn it into something else… and started to make it a weenie dog… which also wasn’t working, and so then it became a whale. Whale to save the day!)

Five of the completed torsos for various critters! Getting closer!

The accidental whale! Still needs some eyes, but he’s looking cute!

I jumped off into random land last week and started a dinosaur just do some different and interesting shapes – since another problem is that I’ve been getting really bored making the same shapes over and over. Also experimented with an ADORABLE tiny snail a while back that I never posted! How cute is he!

So even though I could have done more, I guess I didn’t do too bad considering the level of resistance to felting (It’s been pretty much code orange or red nonstop). I suppose the most important thing about these weeks is that I got SOMETHING done and explored a great deal about self motivation and what gets in the way of it.

A few notes on getting past Resistance and Stuckness and staying Motivated…

Keep a Creative Balance: Focus is good, but not if you go overboard!
I’m learning that striking a balance between your various creative outlets and interests is very important. I figured this out when I went on a little road trip to go photograph wildflowers Sunday afternoon. I came home from that trip totally energized and ready to felt. For a while now I haven’t been allowing myself to enjoy my other creative outlets as often as I’d like… I think after doing that for too long, part of me just lost motivation because I wasn’t giving my soul what it wanted. I learned these past few weeks that all that other stuff is actually very important in keeping me recharged and energized throughout this project. In the next few weeks, I’m going to try to keep a balance of felting and all the other things I enjoy – and hope that keeps the energy flowing a little better.

Do NOT play Pocket Frogs for hours!
I’m positively addicted to this game on my phone. If you are a collector of things, do yourself a favor and NEVER start playing this game! I suppose that goes for any addictive games out there ;) haha

Have all the materials you need
I never realized before how hard it can be to be motivated when you don’t have everything you need. I have a limited variety of colored wool on hand right now, and this has really added some frustration to my process! Some nights I may get to a point where I would rather switch from doing the base shapes in white to adding color to more finished pieces for example. Since I don’t have the colors that I want or need yet, so I just keep going with the plain base stuff… bored out of my MIND. So last week I finally ordered a big multi-pack with 40 different colors in it and it should be arriving any day now. Opening up that box I’m sure will just cause an explosion of inspired energy about which critters will be which colors!

Give Yourself a Break… And Schedules are Made to be Broken!
I’ve definitely been too hard on myself for not meeting my goals the past few weeks. And I’m learning that being unhappy with myself about this is only making things worse. It’s only making me less motivated to keep going. I need to stop being a perfectionist about staying on schedule. A schedule is great to have when it helps you get somewhere, but not when you attach yourself to it so tightly that it starts to make you struggle even more! Nope, that’s not what schedules are for!

Instead of beating myself up over the fact that I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, in weeks 5 and 6 I’m going to practice relaxing a little and giving myself a break. I’m going to remind myself that a schedule is just a loose framework to start from, and nothing more. And that this is not a rigid process, but an organic and flowing one in which I may not get to my end goal, but I WILL get somewhere I wasn’t before! I’m going to replace moments of berating myself and being attached to one specific outcome with moments of trust and openness about where this will go. I hope this will help flip things around… because I need to rid myself of this intense disdain for wool and get excited about this project again!

I hope you enjoyed this lesson-packed post! lol. I look forward to updating you guys in the next few weeks – hopefully with a lot more learning to share and a whole little hoard of felties that are complete or close to it! I would love to hear from you all about your experiences running into resistance or lack or motivation on creative projects. What always seems to get in your way? How have you approached it differently or mixed things up that has helped your process?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the whale and the snail, Sarah! Your creativity knows no bounds :) It’s usually around Week 3 or 4 that people hit a roadblock. It’s fun and exciting at first, and that keeps you motivated, and then it becomes routine…boring… Mixing it up is important – doing other things for a while to re-energize yourself. It’s also key to celebrate your success as you go. Look at all you’ve accomplished already!!! And give yourself a huge pat on the back. You really are amazing! And remember that there’s nothing like a schedule to dampen your creativity. Being flexible, trying new and different things, getting out for a walk, taking a day or two off … all this helps you rekindle the spark and then you’re off and running again. Kudos to you for sharing your challenges as well as your successes.

    Monday, April 2, 2012
    • Hi Julie! Thanks so much for all the encouragement! It does help make this journey more exciting to have some folks to share it with. You are so right about not being too rigid or strict with yourself… I’ve been taking it much easier these past few weeks and am just enjoying the process so much more! Hopefully will have a few new critters to share very soon! ;)

      Thank you again!

      Thursday, April 12, 2012
  2. Wow, that is awesome – I know, you say you had trouble. I draw and I am my own worst critique. I really like the snail.

    Monday, April 2, 2012
  3. I love your creativity….even with a problem, you can get a Whale :)
    I am horrible at the crafts part so anything like this is AWESOME for me ! Also, I really like the notes as they are the challenges I face almost all the time.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012
    • You are so welcome my friend! =) And thank you!

      Thursday, April 12, 2012
  4. I love the whale, what a happy accident!

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012
  5. Mary Lou Rutledge #

    How cute!! I’ve done a lot of Knitted felting–purses, hats, gloves, but not cute animals!! I love them.

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012
  6. Love the snail and the whale!
    I could relate to this post very much. I constantly need to remind myself to focus on and appreciate what I have accomplished, rather than what I expected to have done, or what still needs doing. I also need to learn to see when it is time to let up a little. Allowing yourself to enjoy other activities is so important!
    I have been working so hard lately on painting, collage, and design work on the Mac, that I was starting to feel disconnected from my family. My husband has also been doing all the cooking lately, which he enjoys, but I like to cook too and actually miss it! So this week I got all my creative work wrapped up by Saturday and actually took a WHOLE day off from the studio on Sunday to just hang out with the family. (something I have not done in weeks!) I made us an Easter brunch, we went for a long hike during the day, then I cooked up Easter dinner. Getting back into cooking and nourishing my family was awesome, not to mention re-connecting with the people I love. I feel re-energized now, getting back to work this week, remembering to maintain balance inside and outside the studio.

    Monday, April 9, 2012
    • Hey laura!

      Isn’t it amazing how easy it can be to recharge when we just shift gears and focus on the other things that matter to our hearts? I have done the same this past week… still felting but only for an hour or so here and there. And instead of working on it over all of Easter weekend while we were out of town to visit my boyfriend’s folks, I just took 2 whole days off from it to spend with loved ones and enjoy the wonderful weather we’re having in Texas. I came home feeling totally recharged and excited to felt again! You are so right – balance is key!! =)

      Thursday, April 12, 2012
  7. Brilliant snail… I knit them but hadn’t considered felting them. You have inspired me, although I think I will use a combination of wet and dry felting as I really enjoy the tactile aspect of all that soap water and wool.

    Friday, June 1, 2012
    • Thanks!! I have yet to try wet felting.. may have to try it here soon! I love your knitted snails – adorable!! =D

      Friday, June 1, 2012

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