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Make Your Own 12 Months

Hey Ya’ll!
I’ve gained so much from this year’s 12 Months of Creativity that I’ve decided to keep it going for 2012! I’m hoping I won’t be alone in my journey next year. Now I’ve heard many of you out there who have said that they wished they’d done something like this in 2011, I know who you are! Let today be the last day of surfing blogs and Etsy shops with that twinge of envy we’ve all had for those doing their own creative “thing”. I’m looking for some awesome creative (or not-yet but soon to be!) folks to join me in the adventure of making something every month of 2012!

Here’s a few links to get you started, as well as a bit more explanation below about the project and some of my personal experiences with it:

Setting Up Your Own 12 Month Project

Project Suggestions/Ideas

Here’s the idea:
I will be posting a few times in December about how to get your own 12 Month project up and running, so that come Jan 1st (or whenever you join in!) you will be good and ready to get crackin on the creating. It’s very simple. I assure you when I began this I was not some superwoman with GOBS of time on my hands. I made this project so that it would fit into my life, and so there would be time for the rest of life to get in the way without me getting off track creatively. I think it will do that for you too.

Why Bother?
So why bother to commit to something like this? Because we all want to create… some just for fun or to explore new things and get out of your comfort zone, others to create a solid base of work to strike out as independent creatives. Whatever the reason, we need three things to make it happen: A framework, support, and accountability. I’m offering up a framework that has worked well for me and some support in the way of sharing your project here on the blog! And of course creating your own blog will really keep you accountable for staying committed.

This project has already changed my life in so many wonderful ways, it has helped me to see the world and life in a different way. I’ve gone from a doubtful girl thinking that her ideas are probably “never all that great” to a confident woman who trusts her gut and gets into action as SOON as an idea excites her… saying “eff it” to the world and their judgments!

Stay Tuned!

I’ll be posting soon about how to start up your own 12 month project (or alter it to whatever timeline you’d like). I’d be so overjoyed to hear from you when you decide to start out so that I can announce you and your project on the blog to everyone – as well as a follow up post down the road to share your progress!


Setting Up Your Own 12 Month Project

Project Suggestions/Ideas

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  1. Hi, wish I’d found this blog sooner

    Saturday, January 28, 2012
  2. Congratulations on Freshly Pressed! I just discovered your wonderful blog and find it very inspiring for my own project. On New Year’s Eve, I started a blog about my new art project for 2012: I make small drawings each day and collage them together into a mixed media work at the end of each week. Each week takes on a theme that is inspired by my everyday life, and focuses on celebrating the here and now. After only one month, this process has brought so much joy and creativity into my life. I am seeing my life with more gratitude, and obstacles become opportunities. I am fascinated with the idea that small steps add up to big leaps over time. At first I was going to do the project without the blog, but I am so glad I am sharing it with people. I have reconnected with old friends and reached out to new ones through this process. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and showing others the way.

    Saturday, January 28, 2012
  3. I like this a lot. I am on my own 12 month plan to make 100000 in Real Estate this year. I started Jan 1…. Its tough learning everything I need to know but I am here doing what I have to do to get up to speed and on my way to 100k in 2012. I wish I would have looked at this before I started my blog… but anyway… Im on my path – 1 month in already… Time is flying!

    see my blog here… – “thewholesalefliptriptosuccess”

    Sunday, January 29, 2012
  4. after reading your terrific blog I realized I have been on a 12 mo quest that was rennewed and updated for 2012. I’ve failed at goal setting so many times that I now prefer to have a “things” list. The most recent “thing” on my list was to start a video blog combining my two big passions, handyman work and video. It all started with an epiphany at age 58 (I’m 62) that I was just going to concentrate on things I’m good at and bail all the rest. You seem to have discovered this secret at a much younger age.

    Monday, January 30, 2012
    • Love your idea to start this video blog! Do it!! I want to see!
      I will say, I may have caught on to some good ideas fairly young – but amazingly there are folks even younger than me (i’m turning 30 this year) who have figured this all out! No idea how! haha. No matter – now is all we need. I want to see this video blog of yours happen so you better write me and let me know when it’s up! =)

      Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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