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Inspiration: Photographer Nick Brandt

Yesterday we spent our work-day doing an inspiration search at the mall… shopping around in competitor clothing stores and other artsy and creative shops. The very best thing I took away from our day was the name of a photographer that I am – and till the end of time will be – in love with. I found the book of his work entitled “On This Earth, A Shadow Falls” at Neiman Marcus.. and was instantly breathless. The intimacy and emotion radiating from every single image was just stunning.

Brandt has spent about a decade photographing the wilds of East Africa. It’s his passion to capture the beauty of this place and it’s animals, and you can tell his heart is in it. Using no more than an old Pantex camera, some B&W or infared film, and only two lenses.. Brandt creates this greatness. What impresses me even more, is that he does not use telephoto lenses to zoom in on the animals. He states “You wouldn’t take a portrait of a human being from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their spirit; you’d move in close”. And that’s exactly what he does when capturing the wild and untamed animals of Africa. His work is the kind that truly inspires me and gives me hope of the power that photography can hold. I hope it’s touched at least one person who’s reading this even half as much as it has me.

View more of Nick Brandt’s work at his official website.


March: Texafrican Safari: A Short & Belated Film

Hello readers!

Well, due to my incredible powers of procrastination last month, my March project is finally complete – halfway through April! If you don’t happen to recall, I shall refresh your memory.. the March Project was to be a short film on World Travel.

This one was definitely more out of my comfort zone than anything I’ve done yet. Even so, I imagined the exciting possibility of discovering this innate hidden talent for motion picture that had been hiding away in the crevices of my creative spirit all these years… and BAM! It just flows! I was so excited about this project!

….for about a day and a half. Until I realized I do not actually posses this hidden talent…

And now, I still have to do the thing! ug. ug-ug-ug. I don’t know anything about film other than watching them while I get popcorn stuck in my teeth. HOW am i going to do this?! It’s probably going to suck by anyone else’s standards. (this is pretty much where I fell off the creative bandwagon and just sat around grumbling in fear and negative energy for WEEKS.)

Amid the negative thoughts, I made feeble attempts at brainstorming.. A Bug’s Eye View of world travel! A stop motion film using props to create a traveling scene! (the thought of trying to create that left me paralyzed with fear.) Great ideas – but they just weren’t clicking for me. Finally, Drew and I decided to go on a camping trip one weekend and just take the camera out and see what happened. Ideas are funny things.. sometimes you can sit on your couch and brainstorm them up like nobody’s business. Other times, it seems as if the ideas do not want to be forced or thought of, but instead just want you to show up – experiment, play, and let them flow in.

This is how my short film idea came – in an instant it appeared as I was crawling around rocks and plants filming random little tidbits around our campsite. Something about this particular film clip (posted earlier here) whispered an idea right into my ear and suddenly I had something! Something that was not the MOST incredible idea ever thought of – surely – but something that I wanted to create… even if it did suck by the end. I was finally feeling the fire! And off I went to make my own African Safari video shot entirely in Texas.

After several weeks of exploring the Texas countryside in search of all things African, a day hanging out with the animals at the Dallas zoo, and a few days of editing and music searching – it is complete! Behold, my Texafrican Safari Adventure in all its glory…

My First Video Test!

Hi all!

Well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit MIA lately on the blog. Barring some increased workload outside this project (i.e. the one that pays my bills!) I have been just plain too exhausted most of this month to really focus on this project. Yup.. I’ve been pretty near burnout for the past few weeks… but have learned some important lessons about how to work through it, as well as how to keep that creative flow going even when life is throwing you curve balls. More on that later!

I played around a bit this weekend while camping, and came up with an idea for what I’m going to do. I won’t divulge all the secrets just yet, but here is my very first teeny tiny film clip with some music laid over it.

It may appear to be nothing more than a 14 second clip of shaky footage of a rock… but what this really is folks, is a daring leap into the uncharted and scary territory of creating things in motion & sound… fighting valiantly to ignore the inner critic that says “you can’t do this, like wow, this is so feeble and lame in comparison to what others can do”. Not listening. Only concerned with seeing what I CAN do and being proud of it even if it is feeble by someone else’s standards. =)

Check back soon for more teasers, hopefully not all of rocks. ;)

Later Alligators!

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