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Two Weeks & Ten Little Heads

Two weeks into the project and I am on schedule with 10 felted heads completed! It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun to see all these little critters coming together! I’ve felted all over the place – from a lunch table at work to my friend’s house… even on the road traveling down to San Antonio and back this past weekend. My wool and needles now go pretty much everywhere with me!

So for my first 10 large felties in the picture here, I will have a mix of foxes, cats, dogs, lions, and possibly some other random critters like moles, bears, or rabbits. Each head measures approx. 2 1/4″ in diameter. Foxes are my personal favorite, so I’m really excited to see how they come out!

I’ve started to figure out about how long it takes me to make each head now… The basic round heads are taking about an hour – maybe a little less if I really hustle. The ones with snouts and ears take around an hour and a half. The trick is actually being mindful of working fast. Since felting is actually pretty relaxing to do… it’s find myself slowing down a lot without realizing it!

This week I will be starting in on the bodies and adding color to the heads! *excitement!*

Inspiration: Jessica Joslin

Some more great found object art to share with you! Jessica Joslin is one of my favorite artists – creating flawlessly constructed creatures of bone, brass, leather, and other mixed materials. I love her close attention to the form of each animal – although you are seeing really more of a whimsical skeleton, it flows so well that your mind seems to fill out all the rest. Lovely.

To see more of her work, check out her website.

Inspiration: Photographer Nick Brandt

Yesterday we spent our work-day doing an inspiration search at the mall… shopping around in competitor clothing stores and other artsy and creative shops. The very best thing I took away from our day was the name of a photographer that I am – and till the end of time will be – in love with. I found the book of his work entitled “On This Earth, A Shadow Falls” at Neiman Marcus.. and was instantly breathless. The intimacy and emotion radiating from every single image was just stunning.

Brandt has spent about a decade photographing the wilds of East Africa. It’s his passion to capture the beauty of this place and it’s animals, and you can tell his heart is in it. Using no more than an old Pantex camera, some B&W or infared film, and only two lenses.. Brandt creates this greatness. What impresses me even more, is that he does not use telephoto lenses to zoom in on the animals. He states “You wouldn’t take a portrait of a human being from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their spirit; you’d move in close”. And that’s exactly what he does when capturing the wild and untamed animals of Africa. His work is the kind that truly inspires me and gives me hope of the power that photography can hold. I hope it’s touched at least one person who’s reading this even half as much as it has me.

View more of Nick Brandt’s work at his official website.


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