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Etching Process Complete!

I finished etching the final piece of glass today. Although the final photo will not be done until next week, I went ahead and took a few shots of the process and the finished piece. I’ve got to remember to be better about taking pictures during the process – as I’m often so into actually making the thing that I often forget about pictures! I did manage to get a few of the process for this one. First, I taped off the edges of the mirror to make a nice border, and then placed the vinyl stick-on letters (found in the drafting section of Hobby Lobby) on a piece of plastic laid over the top of the mirror. This was to get the letter spacing and positioning of words where I wanted them before putting directly on the mirror.

Next, I drew some guidelines with a pencil onto the mirror to help keep all the letters straight. Once I had some guidelines in place, I began peeling the letters off and placing them directly on the mirror – one at a time. This was a little time consuming to get just right – some words were spaced too far out and I ran out of room and had to remove and restick. Fortunately the vinyl stick-on letters worked well for this. Once I got all the letters in place as I wanted them, it was time to put on the etching cream. Gloves on first – as this stuff is very corrosive and you don’t want it touching your hands! Working quickly – and with an old brush I didn’t mind damaging with the cream – I laid on thick layers of etching cream to the glass. All the areas where mirror is visible will be etched. The cream sits on surface for about 5-10 minutes and then rinsed off in the sink or tub. I washed the glass with soap as well after, just to make sure none of the cream remained. Now for the best part! Pulling off all the letters and tape to reveal the final piece!





Glass Etching Test

First test of using the glass etching cream! I used duct tape to mask off a rectangle on the bottle. The letters were vinyl stickers bought in the drafting supplies dept at hobby lobby. Then you just apply the cream to the glass, wait 5 minutes, and rinse off. Easy stuff. Pretty happy with it.

Next I need to go to Goodwill and collect some old mirrors. The idea is to make an etched homeless sign on a mirror or old window glass and photograph a homeless individual holding it. I think it will serve as such a strong symbol to the invisibility that these people so often feel.

Feeling good about this project – as I don’t usually do creative work that has a message of protest or humanitarian meaning behind it. This is a very new and different thing for me… and certainly a little scary. But I’m excited to be doing it.



Glass Etching Methods

I’ve spent the last week or so doing a bit of research on glass etching for this month’s project. I’ve found that there are basically two main methods for doing glass etching: corrosive cream or sand-blasting. Being a chick who loves big, fancy power tools.. the idea of doing some hardcore sand-blasting certainly sounds like a lot of fun! I will likely end up having to go the route of the corrosive cream instead, for cost purposes and lack of having a giant awesome sand-blaster. Darnit!

The below video demonstrates these two methods in a pretty basic and easy-to-understand way. The creation of stencils is not covered in this video though, so going to do a bit more looking around to find some good examples of different ways to create designs. Enjoy!

Announcing the June Project!

Wow I can’t believe we are at month 6 already. Halfway over and it seems like it has gone so fast!

I’m not gonna lie… when I first drew the cards for this month I almost redrew because of the utter ridiculousness of the combination. But then thought for a moment… and realized that really is the point of this whole 12 month project -and  that is what makes this combo soooo fantastic too! I already have an idea swimming about in my noggin for this one. Now I am off to research how to etch glass – since I have never in my life done much of anything with glass other than look at it, eat off it or drink out of it. =P


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