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December: The Finale Poster

Look Into Your Heart and You will Find…

I can’t believe it – but it’s finally done. A whole YEAR of creative projects and blogging! It doesn’t feel at all like a year… in fact it flew by with all the fun I had with it! I was hoping to get this posted on the last day of LAST year – but you know, sometimes you just have to put working aside to enjoy some good memories with loved ones. That is really what life’s about, after all!

So, on this first fabulous day of 2012 I give you my final project from 2011… a poster design with the theme “looking inside”. It’s actually been really wonderful to start out my new year focusing on the idea of looking into the heart. The theme actually ended up carrying into our new year’s celebration last night, as we took a few moments to reflect on 2011. We shared things like our biggest disappointments, what we were most proud of, and what we were ready to let go of in the coming year. It was wonderful to take a moment to think about things like that, to share them openly with each other, and to listen. I was certainly most proud of this project.

The idea that is has helped to inspire even one single person to take on their own project in 2012 means more to me than anything really. I hope that if you are reading this – and are in a place in your life where you miss doing a lot of the things you used to do or have a list of new things you’ve been putting off for years – that maybe it helps encourage you to take hold of your creative spirit. Look into your heart… Get out there and do and be and live all the things that excite you and fill you with passion. We only live once, after all, so we might as well fill our days with the things that fill our hearts.¬† Goodnight Friends!


December Project Status

As promised, I dug my heels in tonight and got to work on this poster! I had a pretty simple idea in mind to do a graphic representation of the phrase “look into your heart” using an eye with a heart in the middle. As you can see – even a super simple idea like that can explode into something totally different once you get going! After doing a few sketches, I decided on one or two options to build out on the computer… then just spent a few hours playing with various ways to arrange the hearts in patterns in the iris of the eye. Pretty much just messing around until something looked cool and gave the feel I was wanting. Below are some of the earlier versions (and most recent version at bottom). Tomorrow I will be adding in some texture and possibly tweaking colors. It’s getting close!










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