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Even MORE good fortune!

Don’t you just love when things just sort of land in your lap at the right time? Thanks to some cleaning out at work – I was able to snag an old door earlier this week from our warehouse – which I posted a picture of in my last post. Sadly, it was a little too large for the coffee table project I want to do. On Friday, the group at work that is in charge of creating store window displays for all our retail locations was clearing out some things. I was lucky to find an old window they were getting rid of. It’s much closer to the size I need for a coffee table. Best of all – it saved me a trip to the salvage yard and the money to buy an old door or window for this project!

I also acquired some great tin ceiling tiles from a friend at work. These are going to be used for another project I’ve got up my sleeve for the bedroom. Thanks a bunch Becky!

Serendipity Strikes!


Don’t you just love when things fall in your lap at just the right time? My work is moving offices soon and they were cleaning out the warehouse this week – and had some old doors they were getting rid of. I was able to snag this solid wood, glass paneled one that I have some ideas for as a headboard or dining table. Props to Becky for tipping me off on this great find, and to Ben for helping me squeeze it into my little hatchback!

Inspiring Old Stuff Made New

I think I’ve looked at every last picture in the expanse of the internet about how to re-use old doors, old tin ceiling tiles, and old scrap wood for headboards and coffee tables! Plenty of great ideas out there! Here’s some of the ones I found most inspiring:

Pretty sure my favorite headboard idea here is the awesome stained glass window. Although for the hefty prices I saw at the salvage yard – that one will have to wait for another day. For now, I am thinking I like the headboard idea with the wood planks that say “love” on them.. or perhaps the fireplace mantle idea if I can find a good deal on a mantle.

I’m especially loving the idea of mixing an old door and ceiling tiles for a coffee table too. Laying the tiles into the panels of the door I think would look pretty fabulous. I really love the color and worn texture of the teal coffee table above – may do something similar to that color.

We will be taking a trip back to the salvage yard this weekend to pick up all the goods and get crackin! And yes, I could not decide whether I wanted to do a coffee table or a headboard – so for now, I am just planning to do both! ;)

In with the Old

I’ve decided that the furniture creation project for this month will be something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now… a piece of furniture from old, reclaimed wood. And with the theme being leaving – I thought it fit perfectly..when we leave we also leave things behind. So this project is about resurrecting the things left behind.

The beau and I went to a few salvage yards today. Being a gal who has always loved rescuing old and falling apart sorts of things… my first trip to Orr Reed Wrecking Co. fully overwhelmed me. There were old doors and windows and aged wood as far as the eye can see! Of all sorts. And the very best part was seeing the work of a man by the name of M.L. Jones. He has worked for the company for over 40 years  and creates these lovely and whimsical birdhouses out of scraps from the yard! Beautiful pieces of art – they sell there at the shop. If I hadn’t have been on such a tight budget, I would have surely picked one of these up!

The trip was very informative and gave us both LOTS of ideas! Still debating whether I will go forward with a headboard made from old wood planks or tin ceiling tiles, or a table made from an old door… decisions will be made this week! Must go purchase all the materials next weekend and get building! Oh the excitement!


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