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Wrapping Up for the Night…

So that thing I said about how well I work under pressure? Yeah, that was kind of a lie. At least, not under THIS amount of pressure. So the nervous breakdown is over for tonight… and I have gotten a pathetic total of 2 eggs done. I’d hoped for twice that. Stupid eggs and their breaking. At least now I am at the halfway point – just a few more days and I’ll be done with this ridiculousness.

My cat decided to give me a little added stress of course just as I was beginning to relax for the evening – they are so good for that aren’t they? I had plopped down on the couch to watch some TV and turned around to see this huge fumbling dork of a cat hovering atop my neat little nest of beautifully completed eggs. Dear God, why do I ever think I can leave anything precious laying around my house… ever? In a fury I jumped up, the eggs were just moments away from being kicked by a leaping cat and flung into the air. It took all the restraint I had to calmly call him off the table instead of smacking him right off it.. slowly he jumped down, leaving my precious cargo and hours of work just barely unharmed…… what an ass. Like an annoying older brother who screws with you just to laugh at you freaking out, that’s a cat.

I have now tucked all the eggs away in my laundry room – safe and sound from the dorkiest cat on the planet and the cat that’s big enough to BE a planet. Here’s a quick shot of the progress… a tasty treat to tide you over until the finale. I will be taking a break tomorrow night to celebrate a friend’s birthday (and have some much-deserved drinks!), but will be back at it Saturday to finish this thing. And now… finally… to sleep! Goodnight to all who are reading.

I Hate Eggs

No pictures for this one..

Just decided I had to take a short break from working on eggs because my brain is about to explode. I’ve had a headache all evening and using the bright light to draw on the eggs plus the smell of the burning wax has definitely not made it much better. blech. Plus there is the added pressure that I am now behind schedule – which I abhor. I broke yet another egg earlier while taking it into the kitchen to dye it a few hours ago – so now it’s almost 9pm and I’m still trying to get ONE egg done… and am really, really tired of drawing wax on eggs. Really.

But, I shall take a short break to regroup, put on “Julia & Julia” – as it always makes me feel better when I’m having a breakdown to watch Julie sprawled out on her kitchen floor crying over her latest culinary disaster. It gives me renewed hope.. “if she can do it I can too!”

*sigh* did I mention how much I hate eggs? Yes. Hate them. Alas, the show must go on.

Preparing & The Water Ration Egg!

As so often happens – and like so many of you who also battle procrastination – I have waited until the last moment to get going on this project. This is okay… I work so well under pressure! At least that’s how I make myself feel better about it. =P I got all of the dyes made last night… that actually took up the majority of my time as you have to boil the water and measure each one out and then wait until they are room temp to actually use. But thankfully you only have to make the dye once.

After that I emptied all the guts out of the eggs using the egg blower (that’s a LOTTA scrambled eggs for breakfast!). I had one casualty sadly, so I’ll have to redo this little guy!

Then finally to the good part – doing the first of the eggs for the survival kit! Each egg will represent a different item in a survival kit – such as food rations, flashlight, knife, compass, bandages, etc. This first one was the water ration. I really wasn’t entirely sure how good it would look at first – just sorta chose a few colors to keep things simple and off I went. But I was surprised when I melted all the wax off at the end! It turned out so well! Below are a few pictures of the process..

Drawing on the wax, about to do the final color of dye.

Yellow (first color) and royal blue (final color).

The finished piece – A Water Ration Egg!

The alternating yellow and blue waves were actually a mistake… that was around midnight and I was so tired that I totally messed up… drawing the waves on too soon so that they came out yellow. I decided to just alternate sides and actually like how it came out even better. Yay for exhaustion!

So there we have the first egg! Eight more to go. Somehow I will conquer these in the next few nights…
wish me luck on my journey of late nights with candle wax & egg dye.


Decided to do a practice run before getting to the final project for this month. To keep with the theme, this one is a breast cancer egg. Sketched out a ribbon design with pencil first, and then traced over the lines with wax. Tomorrow after work I’ll be swinging by the store to pick up some mason jars to put the dye in, and getting this little one dyed a pretty pink!



Announcing the August Project!

Still working on getting the final glass and other touches done on the coffee table this week.. but the projects must go on! Time for new cards… was getting a bit bored with the old woodgrain background for my card shots, so I decided to mix it up a bit and use some of the leftover wallpaper from my last project. Liking it!

My sister will be especially excited about this month’s project – as she’s the one that introduced me to Ukrainian Easter Eggs, also known as Pysanky. For those who have never heard of these, I’ve included a picture below and a link here to read more on the history of these beautifully ornate dyed eggs.

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