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Preparing & The Water Ration Egg!

As so often happens – and like so many of you who also battle procrastination – I have waited until the last moment to get going on this project. This is okay… I work so well under pressure! At least that’s how I make myself feel better about it. =P I got all of the dyes made last night… that actually took up the majority of my time as you have to boil the water and measure each one out and then wait until they are room temp to actually use. But thankfully you only have to make the dye once.

After that I emptied all the guts out of the eggs using the egg blower (that’s a LOTTA scrambled eggs for breakfast!). I had one casualty sadly, so I’ll have to redo this little guy!

Then finally to the good part – doing the first of the eggs for the survival kit! Each egg will represent a different item in a survival kit – such as food rations, flashlight, knife, compass, bandages, etc. This first one was the water ration. I really wasn’t entirely sure how good it would look at first – just sorta chose a few colors to keep things simple and off I went. But I was surprised when I melted all the wax off at the end! It turned out so well! Below are a few pictures of the process..

Drawing on the wax, about to do the final color of dye.

Yellow (first color) and royal blue (final color).

The finished piece – A Water Ration Egg!

The alternating yellow and blue waves were actually a mistake… that was around midnight and I was so tired that I totally messed up… drawing the waves on too soon so that they came out yellow. I decided to just alternate sides and actually like how it came out even better. Yay for exhaustion!

So there we have the first egg! Eight more to go. Somehow I will conquer these in the next few nights…
wish me luck on my journey of late nights with candle wax & egg dye.

The Projects

Alright everyone!

Here’s the final list of projects I will be choosing from at random! I finally got all the cards made up and am ready to pick my first project and theme combo.. phew, its about to get real up in here. Only one step away from jumping off the ledge and not knowing what I will be doing from month to month! Scary? Yes. But SO dang exciting too! =]

Project List:

Jewelry Making
Toy Making
Short Film
Short Story
Wire Art
Furniture Creation
Glass Etching
Stop Motion Animation
Found Object Art
Photo Collage
Digital Art
Sauce Recipe
Temporary Sculpture
Cartoon Series
Ukranian Easter Eggs
Digital Art
Nature Art



What is 12 Months of Creativity?

The Plan: Two lists, one creative chick, and twelve months of boundless possibility!

The Goal: To stretch myself creatively – not only in media/project type, but also in how I convey stories – and to have fun!

The Projects: The first set of cards will house the different types of projects – such as toy making, short films, poetry, furniture creation, and sauce recipes! Each month, I will draw a card from the stack at random. Whatever Project Card I draw is the media I MUST use for that month’s project(s).

The Themes: The second set of cards will house the themes, from which I will draw a card at random each month. Whatever Theme Card I draw I MUST use in conjunction with the Project Card for that month’s project(s).

I am sure there will be moments throughout the year that I totally hate myself for taking on this project (especially on the sleep-deprived last days of the month!) – but I am committed, determined and ready to push onward.. Let’s do this!


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