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Playing with Bullets

I was happy to have an entire day to myself Sunday to work on the project yesterday. Did some brainstorming on various ideas of how to go about this month’s project. I happened to already have about a dozen or so boxes .22 long rifle ammo – small bullets used mostly for target shooting. My boyfriend had given them to me for possibly use in an art project about a year ago – as they’re a bit old and corroded for use. Turned out I finally found a use for them. Today was spent mostly experimenting and playing around with the ammo – just getting a feel for the material and what could be done with it.

After only a few hours, I already remembered how much I love doing art with industrial/functional items like this. I used to do a lot of it in my late teens and early twenties. There is something about taking ordinary, functional or industrial items that one doesn’t usually notice as beautiful and arranging them in such a way that allows people to see their beauty. I explored some possibilities with doing flat art first. Spent a few minutes making this little framed symbol below.. I think doing a larger scale and more ornate version of this could be really beautiful.

After a while I decided to go make my usual Sunday run to the grocery store and picked up some Styrofoam while there. The green kind used for arranging fake flowers worked out really well.. I started out just testing how they’d hold just being pushed into a block…

Then the idea of doing an egg sort of fell on me while walking through my hallway (I have a print showing various types of eggs hanging near the bathroom). It seemed like an interesting place to start – I really love the contrast of life and death and fragility and power there. So I took one of the foam blocks outside with my garlic shredder (basically an awesome miniature cheese-grater) and shaved the block down to an egg shape. An hour or so of work later.. and viola! Bullet egg! This was definitely a fun start to experimenting. I’m excited to see where things go by the end of the month!

Inspiration: Francois Robert’s Stop the Violence

I thought this month would be the perfect time for featuring one one of my favorite series of the year. As soon as I saw photographer Francois Robert’s Stop The Violence series I was instantly in love. For this series, Robert created dozens of symbols related to weapons of war and religion.. out of real human bones. I’ve always been drawn to bones – their artful curves and pristine ebony color.. and of course the stories they tell and the meanings they hold. Stop the Violence certainly makes use of all the many beautiful aspects of bones while telling a powerful story of humanity.

To see the full collection and more of Robert’s stunning photographic work, visit his website.


Inspiration: Al Farrow

I came across some great inspiration for this month’s project today! I’m positively in love with these gorgeous and elaborate reliquaries by artist Al Farrow. Initially I was excited to see something built with used gun parts, bullets and steel shots – as I’m looking to build this months project out of similar materials. Aside from being beautifully stunning though, there is such power in the symbols he is mixing… we all know that religion has played a major role in some of the greatest conflicts in history.

To view more of Al Farrow’s reliquaries and his other works, visit his website.
For a peek at the extensive process and time that goes into making one of these elaborate creations, check out

Announcing the October Project!

Ooooh this one is going to be a fun one! I can already see the possibilities. I’m thinking lots of juxtaposing of materials and symbols here… maybe sculptures of flowers or other delicate things made from fire crackers, used brass from bullets, etc. Or perhaps a hot air balloon made from found objects.

Ever since my sculpture classes in early college, I’ve loved doing found object art. I did these small wire frog sculptures back then that had light bulbs and old screws for various body parts. They were probably one of the most successful things I’ve done as an artist – having sold about a dozen of them over the course of a year. They were also one of the only things I ever made that I truly believed in and loved with all my heart. I tend to think that passion helped in how people were attracted to them. They were made with love, after all.

Back then, I used to collect random things I’d find just about anywhere – old car parts, bits of junk people tossed on the side of the road or in the trash, bones, fallen bird’s nests, old bottles washed up at the beach… it was so rewarding to give these forgotten things new life. Unfortunately, after moving out on my own to finish college, I had much less time and space to work with. I eventually put aside this niche of art I loved so well to pursue my graphic design degree and stopped collecting as much – save for a few feathers, shells, and bones here and there. I’m ever-so-glad to have a reason to collect again, it does rather feel like that part of me has been missing a bit! Time to get to collecting and of course… PLAY!



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