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Weeks 5 & 6: Dapper Foxes and Renewed Energy

I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole weeks since I’ve posted anything up! It’s been busy down here in Texas. The boyfriend has been away on flying adventures across the lone star state – doing helicopter rides at air shows and festivals. We took a road trip down to the hill country to get out of the big city weekend before last. A wrist sprain from pilates class has slowed me down with the felting… I’m now wearing this horribly stiff brace to keep from moving it. About 2 weeks ago, I cut a huge chunk out of my thumb while cutting ribbon with my fabulous pink pocket knife (*sigh* always cut AWAY from you, when will I learn?) which put me out of commission from doing much for a few days. But still I am felting!

The newest additions to my little feltie family are a dapper fox, a happy little dinosaur, an even tinier fox and the whale I posted last week – now complete with sleepy eyes. I also just finished up a little mushroom in a bottle tonight – having a lot of fun experimenting with adding other media like wire and glass.¬† I’m positively in LOVE with the fox in the hat… so much so that I’m not sure I could bare to put him up for sale!


Meet Barry the Feltie Cat!

Howdy folks! Just wanted to take a quick minute to share the newest addition to my needle-felted family. Meet Barry! Now don’t let his solemn color mislead you… he definitely has a curious side. A real free spirit, he loves being out in nature, romping in the tall grass, pouncing on small bugs and of course having a good nap in a spot of afternoon sun.

I’ve been working on Barry for – oh gosh – a few months now in my spare time… a foot here, a tail there. It’s so rewarding to finish one of these little guys after anticipating it for months! Hope you like him! =)

Meet Riley the Dog!

From time to time I’ve decided to add some stuff here that does not pertain to the current month’s project… whether its random creative inspirations I find, or other creative projects I am working on. It’s been several months now since my first needle felting project and I’m definitely still just as in love with it… trying to squeeze in an hour or two of felting wherever I can manage.

This is the latest critter that has come to life in the wee spare moments of my time this past month.. Meet Riley, the mischievous little pup with a heart as big as his nose! This little guy is based on one of my own cartoon characters I created sometime in middle school. It’s been so fun to see him come to life in 3D after nearly 20 years of only seeing him in pencil!

Introducing The Lil’ Felt Heli!

Hey there!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to share my latest creation!

This lovely little aircraft was made for my boyfriend – who is a helicopter pilot – for Valentine’s Day. The first flight he took me on was in a blue helicopter like this – so I thought it was fitting. This is also my first attempt at adding wire into the process – really love the mix of the two! I finished it off with an inspirational handwritten note on a paper tag and my initials stitched into the back. I’m really having way too much fun with this felting stuff… as soon as I finished this little guy I was already trying to figure out what to start next. No idea where this sudden burst of creative energy came from… has some alien life form taken over my mind? lol.

Oh well, going to ride the creative wave as long as it lasts!


Needle Felter: Mouse Pants!

Hi there!

A co-worker shared these adorable felties with me the other day, so I thought I would pass it along! These cute critters are the work of MJ Keeton of MousePants (I totally love that shop name!) Visit her Etsy shop to see more!

Thank you Maria for tipping me off on these!

January: Meet Lulie, the Musical Bird!

Hi Everyone!

Well, after what feels like an eternity of tedium, (i lost track of the hours LONG ago!) I have finally finished January’s project! Meet Lulie – the adorable and fabulously talented blue bird! I mentioned in an earlier post that he had a special musical talent and am so excited to finally reveal it! Scroll down to see the video! =)

Video of Lulie in action, playing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Here’s a few other views:

Getting those little wings symmetrical was a bit tough! I like to think he’s doin a little dance ;)

Detail of the hand crank for the music box.

If you’re not familiar with my project, I choose two cards at the beginning of each month; one for a project and one for a theme. My project for January was toy making, and the theme was music. I’d been wanting to try needle felting for some time now – so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

After some brainstorming on how to integrate the musical theme – I decided to try the daunting task of making a needle felted toy into a music box of sorts. As fate would have it, my boyfriend had bought me a tiny music box at a toy store in Austin on a road trip a few months ago.. so it seemed only natural to give it a try.

Below are some of the process photos. Adding the music box inside the toy definitely made things a lot more complicated!

1. Starting out with a bit of loose wool roving

2. Stabbing to begin creating a ball

3. Basic ball formed for the head – now to add more wool to make larger and shape.

4. The basic head shape that will sit on top of the music box

5. Now to create the body that the music box will fit in. I cut a piece of foam the same size as the box to use as a form to build around.

6. Testing music box for fitting. Body form still needs some building up and rounding!

7. Body and head forms are done. The body came out much larger than I thought though, so I had to go back and add some more wool to blend the two shapes.

8. Well, I ran out of white wool – lol – so just started using whatever I had the most of to fill out the form!

After that last photo, I honestly got a bit lazy on photographing the rest of my process. =P It basically involved covering the whole form in blue wool and then felting on the eye patches, belly patch, beak, wings and tail separately. I believe it took me a total of about 20-25 hours to complete.. though at some point I just lost count. haha!

Even though I will be moving on a new project next month, I am definitely planning on continuing with needle felting whenever I have some spare time between other projects! I love the process and versatility of it – and plan to start felting some of my cartoon characters into toys soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this – and to those of you who have been following along! Your support means a lot to me!

Stay Tuned – I’ve picked the cards for February’s project and will be revealing it soon!


Sketching Out Ideas

Hi Everyone!

Well, I’ve come up with a few great ideas for my final project. The one I landed on was Lil Bo Blue. He’s a spunky little blue bird with a special musical talent – of which I will leave a surprise until he is complete! Oh the suspense!

I spent a little time today researching illustrations and toy birds, and sketched out some variations for what he’ll look like:

Finally, I came across this great painting by Brett Superstar, which seemed to be just the right inspiration! I loved the idea of giving him a flat bottom to sit on – a bit different from all the other needle felted birds I’ve seen out there.

So after some further sketching – we have the final versions of what he will look like!

I’ve started building him tonight, so stay tuned! I have only a few more days to get this little guy finished up before I’m off on the next project!



Needle Felted Birds by Lauren Alane

Hi everyone!

While doing some more research for my project this month, I was delighted to come across the work (and fun!) of Lauren Alane. She has some scrumptiously cute felted birds. I think my favorites are the owls with glasses and the two birds listening to music together – so full of personality!

She also does some freakin adorable custom wedding toppers that include details specific to you and your hunny. Very clever. Check out more at her website, or her Etsy shop.

Thanks Lauren for putting your creativity out there! =)





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