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Juicy Tuesday! How would you really enjoy spending your life?


We’re almost to the end of the month! I’ve gotten a few submissions for the challenge already and am excited to see what else comes! How are your projects going? Hopefully better than mine… which is currently at a stand-still until I manage to retrieve some real bird wings (humanely of course). Hmmm yes I will leave you in suspense right there!

For the last Juicy Tuesday of the month I thought I would share a little something to help you think about our theme of flight in terms of living life without limits. I very much resonated with this, as I was taught by my parents what most of us have been, to go to college for something that you can make a good living at. After getting a degree in graphic design and five years of working in cubicles, I am realizing that I want more and – most importantly – I’m realizing I deserve more. We all do. Not something that we “like okay” but something that ignites a fire in us which glows so brilliantly that everyone around us can see that our heart is ablaze. We deserve that, and I think we can all have that, but we first must leave the tethers that tie us to the familiar, the old beliefs, the old way of doing.. and trust in what he says in this video… that if you do what you desire, instead of doing something for the money, the money will come, and you will be far happier than you ever imagined. What is it that that you desire?

Stuff To Do: The Adventure Project

The Art House Co-Op is always putting together some new and fun creative project that anyone anywhere can participate in. I’ve been following along for a few years now watching them grow. They’re latest endeavor is The Adventure Project, a fun (and free!) short video project. Here’s the details a snagged from their site:

Sign-Up Deadline: March 28th (hurry!)
Video Deadline: April 30th (uploaded to youtube)

“Can you capture an adventure in 30 seconds?
This week, we’re challenging ourselves to go on an adventure and document it in a video. It could be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood or as daring as you can imagine. The Adventure Project asks artists to shoot a 30-second video that captures an adventure, great or small. Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link (projects [at] arthousecoop [dot] com) — we’ll add each submission to our channel and exhibit the project online. Feeling adventurous? Then grab a camera and show us what you find.”

Since my boyfriend got an awesome GoPro camera recently that is great for shooting extreme sports and such, I’m excited to finally have something we can put it to use on! Perhaps a kayaking trip is in order soon… what sort of adventure would you film? I’m curious to see what sorts of things people come up with for this! I urge you to join in the fun and sign up to play! Don’t wait – signup ends on March 28th!

How-To: Engraved Eggs

I found this great video tutorial today that demonstrates how to make engraved Ukrainian eggs out of brown chicken eggs using toilet bowl cleaner! I know.. you are so full of intrigue now that you just must watch it. ;)

Glass Etching Methods

I’ve spent the last week or so doing a bit of research on glass etching for this month’s project. I’ve found that there are basically two main methods for doing glass etching: corrosive cream or sand-blasting. Being a chick who loves big, fancy power tools.. the idea of doing some hardcore sand-blasting certainly sounds like a lot of fun! I will likely end up having to go the route of the corrosive cream instead, for cost purposes and lack of having a giant awesome sand-blaster. Darnit!

The below video demonstrates these two methods in a pretty basic and easy-to-understand way. The creation of stencils is not covered in this video though, so going to do a bit more looking around to find some good examples of different ways to create designs. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Sleep Walking In Bed

Hi everyone!

Well this month has been pretty busy for sure. Have not had much time to work on the project yet… though I have thought up some ideas. The first is to portray world travel in a stop motion video done all on one set. Below is a great video that sparked some inspiration! I just love how they created an entire dream world with objects. So imaginative!

John Cleese on the Creative Process

Hi All!

I came across this great video this morning of John Cleese speaking on the topic of creativity and what he has learned about the creative process throughout his life. Pretty interesting stuff. Thought I would share with you guys! Enjoy!


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